Trace Lawn & Landscaping offers a landscape design division that helps you to visualize and even have a greater hand in your landscape design.  Choosing to have a design created for you can be a challenge.  If you project is relatively small and you trust the reputation of the landscape company and have seen their work, you may not want to have a design drawn up.  However, the decision is up to you.  It would not be very costly to have a small design made up so you can see what the results will look like before you move on to planning the landscape installation.  Larger plantings such as landscaping for the entire front yard or around the entire home should have a landscape design and any hardscape projects such as paver stone patios, walkways, steps, and certain retaining walls. 


   The landscape design is a small price to pay when it is compared to the scale of project and cost you will be spending to have the job done right.  Proper planning is key and it requires time to take your needs, wants, and desires to become reality.  Plant materials must be selected for your site conditions and must be selected for proper mature size and even bloom time.  Constant color all year round is also important to the planning process.  A study of window location for views from interior of home, access for walking and entertaining areas, plant locations, privacy screens, and much more are all necessary elements to your landscape design.  The shape of beds and texture of plants all play a role in design and when time is taken to place the plants correctly, the results will give years of enjoyment and beauty to your home's exterior.  One more benefit to having a landscape design through us is that we give back 1/2 of the cost for the landscape design if you choose us to install it for you.  That amount comes off the final bill and is shown on your contract.  A design may not be for everyone but it aids in the landscape process and provides proper quantities for your project.  It also makes it much easier to help phase the landscape project over the next few years if you prefer and it also makes changing the design very easy.  Professional landscape design is a great choice to make when considering any scale landscape project so you can guarantee it will end up functional and beautiful and you get a chance to see it before it all begins.

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First, we set up a client meeting at your home or business as soon as possible.  At this meeting we will discuss the design process and also take notes on ideas you had for your new landscape.  The designer asks a lot of questions and makes some suggestions based on your needs and desires.  Notes are taken and measurements are recorded of the home or building and of the landscape site.  


Second, after all data is collected it is put into the computer in an AutoCAD program so it can be printed out to scale and the drawing process begins.  Brainstorming ideas and studying the home's attributes and incorporating your requests and any new ideas are all free hand drawn on paper.  A few different design layouts will be made in pencil and a parts may be picked from other drawings to create one functional diagram or a concept plan.  Patios, walkways, walls, and bed lines are created during this stage and some focal points are located for large or special plants.  If visualizing your hardscape project seems challenging, we even have 3D models we can create to help you visualize items such as walls, fireplaces, firepits, outdoor kitchens, and steps.  The design is pulled together with proper placement of plants and any special features like fountains or firepits, etc.  At times you are invited to stop by and see the design and help make any changes that may be necessary at this point.  These appointments are scheduled with the designer as the designer may have an existing project being installed that needs supervised or client meetings to attend to.  


Third, a formal Master Plan is drawn using both the CAD program and free hand design techniques.  Plants have their own special symbols and hardscape areas are easily defined and any changes to the concept plan are taken care of on the master plan.  Once the Master Plan is completed you are invited to view the final product at your home or in our office.  The designer will walk you through the proposal.  Small changes can still be made but they will probably end up on a copy of the project rather than drawing a new one unless its desired by the client.  Changes can occur on the 'planting diagram' which is part of the final project.  It identifies the location of plants and hardscape for our installation crews.  It lists plant names and species, materials needed, any diagrams for building and excavating, and many other important notes and it is all made from AutoCAD software so changes can be made and printed quickly.  


Finally, you make a payment for the design and we discuss your budget for the project.  A rough estimate of the landscape project will be provided at this final meeting.  If you decide to more forward with the landscape process, planning is the next step.  A formal written estimate for the project will be typed up and signed by you and a member of our administration, usually the designer, and a down payment will be due at your earliest convenience.  Only after your down payment can we schedule your project and begin to order your materials.  Once all materials have arrived your project is ready for installation.  Rain and certain weather conditions can affect the start date and also affect the installation process and create small delays.  We always strive to work in most conditions but safety is extremely important and sometimes working in inclement weather, especially with machines, can cause more problems creating costly extra work and more delays and even safety hazards.

We look forward to hearing from you with your landscape design needs and appreciate the time you spent on our website to learn more about us.




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